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Commitment to Community

Founded in 1925, REO Logistics has worked diligently over the decades to support its employees, shareholders, customers and communities. REO and its family of companies, first and foremost, aims to support its stakeholders by always working within the confines of sound and ethical business practices.  REO Logistics further believes that serving its communities is not only integral to running a successful business, but it is also part of its responsibility as a group of individual global citizens. REO understands that when its communities thrive, so does its business, its employees and their families. For these reasons corporate philanthropy is an integral part of REO's corporate culture.

REO Logistics makes philanthropic investments to non-profit organizations in the communities where its  major operations reside and specifically focuses its investments on three major areas:  regional economic development efforts, health care and education. REO’s deepest philanthropic emphasis is on using education as an engine for change. Through grants and sponsorships, Allied Logistics’ mission is to promote job growth, wellness, health and access to high quality education to everyone in its communities.

In addition to its corporate activities, REO Logistics encourages it employees to contribute to their communities in any way that they can. Many of REO's employees have served in public office, sit on local non-profit boards and participate regularly with a variety of non-profit organizations.

REO has focused its remaining efforts on grassroots strategies that address the needs of local and regional marketplaces through its support of community events, working with a diverse array of community leaders and organizations and helping its employees manage change in the workplace through an array of educational opportunities and life-balance work benefits.

REO Logistics proudly advocates corporate citizenship, philanthropy and support for the diverse communities and environments in which it operates. As a general rule, REO does not provide grants or sponsorships to religious organizations, political groups, fraternal organizations, individuals, athletic groups or activities, including charity benefit sporting events, charter schools, bands or choirs, capital campaigns, organizations providing services primarily to animals, or organizations whose programs discriminate based on race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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