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REO Logistics is committed to operating in a sustainable manner. Our sustainable business practices allow us to deliver long term value to our stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the communities in which we operate. Sustainability means many things to REOLogistics. In addition to our environmental programs, we include broader economic and social elements such as good labor practices, societal responsibility and ensuring our services and solutions are provided to our customers impeccably, every time. We aim to balance doing the right thing for our stakeholders and the environment with commercial acumen.

REO Logistics recognizes that sustainability practices begin with senior management’s oversight and their commitment to integrating best practices into day-to-day decision making. REO is further committed to collaborating with customers and peers in order to find the best processes and solutions. REO views striving towards excellence to be an important cultural aspect of the company’s sustainability practices. In order to uphold its commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its business activities REO Logistics actively participates in the IWLA Sustainability Commitment Program and:

  • Complies with applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Conducts its business in observance of environmentally sound practices
  • Promotes waste reduction and recycling
  • Ensures the responsible use of energy in our business practices, including energy conservation and improving energy efficiency

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