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All For One and One For All

Posted on Mar 06, 2012 by


All For One and One For All

by Michael Hupp, Staff Reporter

KENOVA — Sometimes it's just better to not go at things alone. That is the philosophy Allied Logistics and LB Foster of Kenova take.

LB Foster made the move to the Allied Logistics warehouse in Kenova after LB purchased Portec and moved operations from the West End. Half of the company relocated to Kenova while the other half remained and formed Koppers, Inc., according to LB plant manager Miguel Celdaron. The move brought with it 25 employees all from the Cabell and Wayne County areas, with a few Buckeyes as well. The company provides railroad friction management products and rail securement systems.

"We are always looking to grow, looking for new products to carry that will eventually add new employees," Celdaron said. In order to do that, Celdaron said the company is always looking for markets other than the railroad industry. The company also tries to improve current products.

"We remain mainly customer focused, so if customers tell us they need something we create it for them," Celdaron said. Like LB Foster, other companies utilize Allied Logistics' warehouse and commercial space abilities. Allied operates nearly two-and-a-half million square feet of warehouse space in multiple cities.

"We operate facilities within facilities," Allied Vice President Mike Carroll said. Carroll said part of Allied's mission is to continue investing capital into their facilities. The future of the Kenova facility will rely on the future of the Intermodal facility due to the company's close association with trucking and shipping.
"We will keep an eye on its progress. We intend to have a presence there, of course. If you look at other cities that are on the line, there are a ton of warehouses with a ton of people working. We want to be where the business is," Carroll said.

Will that mean the company will sacrifice its Kenova location? Not necessarily. Carroll said full operations may not be at the Kenova location, but the Kenova facility will continue to be a part of the operations.

"We do sell products used at the Intermodal complex, so we will see what happens," Celadon said. As the picture becomes clearer in Prichard, so will the future of Allied Logistics and LB Foster's presence in Kenova. But for now, they are safe and sound in their friendly confines open for business and taking new customers daily.

Allied Logistics is a 3rd party provider of storage space and warehouse services for a multitude of companies, including LB Foster at the company's Kenova location. The company provides railroad friction management products and rail securement systems, but other Allied Logistics customers provide a multitude of goods that serve many different industries.

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