REO Logistics: Full Service Strategic 3PL
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Evaluating Performance

Rapid Analysis and Adustment

Initial and ongoing performance measures ensure transparency. Our goal is to assess factors that influence quality of customer service, product risk, operational cost, and inventory value. We routinely submit safety reports, employee standard performance reports, account evaluations, trends analyses, inventory accuracy assessments, shipping/receiving errors tabulations, and other reports as required and requested.

Daily, we are prepared to submit reports on activities, adjustments, bulk shipments, receiving discrepancies, receiving “dock to stock”, performance indices, and stock status.

Weekly, we can submit reports on adjustments, cycle counts, damages, receiving/invoicing, service exceptions, storage, shipping, and productivity

Monthly, we can submit summary reports on service requests, receiving/invoicing, and shipping/invoicing.
At any time, we can provide status summaries of physical inventory, receivers, orders, pre- and post-inventory stock, PI (with all part numbers and variances), and adjustments.

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