REO Logistics Announces Director for Quality Assurance

Developing an executive team with the experience necessary to address the varied needs of our customers is an essential principal driving the long-term strategy at REO Logistics. More than ever before, today’s business environment demands flexibility and responsiveness to ever changing rapid technological shifts while still maintaining a laser focus on quality. For this reason, REO Logistics has identified a critical need for a Director for Quality Assurance. This role’s primary responsibility will be to ensure that REO Logistics maintains the highest standards of quality while simultaneously implementing new technologies and processes.

Over the coming months REO will be implementing the newest ISO standards, upgrading the warehouse management systems, and rolling out new manufacturing and accounting technologies. This new role will help ensure we make these changes seamlessly and with as little impact to our businesses and customers as possible. We are pleased to announce the addition of Russ Geis to fill this role.


Russ joins REO Logistics following successful stints at The Dow Chemical Company and Union Carbide in similar roles. His 27-year career is highlighted by successful ISO integrations and numerous quality program implementations where he served as both strategist, implementer and trainer. His depth of experience and expertise building best in class manufacturing related quality assurance programs is a welcome addition to the REO team.

Rebecca Polan, CEO, views this key addition to the organizational structure as an imperative next step in the company’s evolution to becoming a go to supply chain solutions provider to the chemical and industrial manufacturing industries. “Providing our customers with the highest standards of quality has always been an important priority at REO. It is certainly not negotiable with our customers! As the company has grown, particularly in the toll processing and chemical manufacturing businesses, it has become vital that we do everything possible to make sure we are meeting or exceeding industry best practices. Our team is really excited to welcome Mr. Geis onboard.”

Mr. Geis views quality assurance as a global concern, a business imperative that touches every single part of the organization. “Quality assurance impacts us all from the C-Suite all the way to the factory floor. I believe in collaborative problem solving and idea sharing as the place to start with every new initiative. Building on these foundations, I am confident in the direction REO is moving and look forward to working with both my new team and REO’s customers as we build a world class quality assurance program.”

“It’s interesting, to me, how we all define quality differently.  Many paths, yet the same road. I look forward to this journey with REO Logistics and the continued pursuit of a culture of quality.  I am passionate about attention given to quality excellence in every stage – from receiving to processing to final shipment,” said Geis.