Strategic Supply Chain Solutions

“Change is the heartbeat of growth.” Scottie Somers

As business continues to evolve, the need for faster, more technical and cost efficient solutions becomes mission critical. If companies want to compete and grow, they must stay on top of their game. And that’s why we’re here.

An Integrated Supply Chain Solution Partner

Our team is comprised of leading industry and supply chain experts who will work with you to design the most cost efficient, sustainable and reliable solution for your specific business needs.


As your business partner, REO’s experts will work with you to:

  • Streamline your supply chain
  • Drive down your overall cost structure
  • Integrate warehousing, toll processing and distribution with real-time visibility
  • Solve the most complex logistics challenges through custom solutions and application of best practices


The Full Supply Chain

REO Logistics stands out amongst our competition because of the breadth and scope of our service offerings. From supplier, to factory, to distributor, to store, we have the capacity to support both ends of your supply chain.


REO Logistics’ toll processing and contract manufacturing capabilities make REO your partner in quality assurance. We take the responsibility of being the last set of eyes to see your product before it is shipped to a customer.


Protecting Your Investment

We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuous improvement practice. Utilizing Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, we can ensure we are operating in a safe, cost efficient manner to reduce waste and upholding our promise of offering the highest quality of service.


Our values-based performance management system helps us monitor productivity levels, effectiveness of our safety programs, and the overall customer experience. Our goal is to build a culture focused on integrity, problem solving, accountability and initiative in order to deliver a seamless solution to our customers’ door step.


Sound like the kind of partner you’d like to have? We’d love to see how we can plug into your business and add value to your bottom line.