Game-Changing Technology

The technology experts at REO have chosen industry leading software systems that guarantee access to information.


Custom web portals and dashboards give you a personalized view of your data, and custom reports enhance your day-to-day business activities and information that strengthens your business. In short, we provide access to your own data that allows you to make smarter decisions.

Visibility in Warehousing

Keeping tabs on your inventory is essential, which is why we work with state-of-the-art warehouse management technologies. Customers enjoy real-time access to inventory, shipment tracing and more. These systems, along with our EDI, bar coding, radio frequency (RF) and online web portal all provide secure access to supply chain data right when you need it.


Our technology-assisted packaging and shipping systems aren’t just convenient, they also ensure accuracy and cost reductions.


Real-Time Tracking of Your Shipments

Our transportation management system (TMS) includes real-time tracking and visibility solutions, which offers ETA information that’s updated every 15 minutes. Additionally, our system provides predictive weather and traffic information and is able to assess their impact on arrival times. This provides the data needed to identify the fastest, most cost-effective routes possible. And more importantly, offers you and your customers live and accurate delivery times.


Through advanced technology, REO Logistics provides unmatched insight into your operations and the flexibility to serve your own customers’ unique needs.